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Eva Pfitzenmaier & Owen Weaver
concert performance

premiere: 2 October 2020
Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen (NO)

Villgeiter, plastikk, fuglestøy & enveistrafikk is a piece for voice, percussion, cassette and scenographical elements. It was composed by Eva in collaboration with percussionist Owen Weaver during the first half-year of restrictions and lockdowns in 2020 and is reflecting on the (still-standing) chaos the pandemic threw us into and on human mankind’s role in the world.

video by Manuel Madsen

Concept, music, video, voice: Eva Pfitzenmaier
Percussion: Owen Weaver
Scenography (Bergen Kjøtt): Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg
Light design (Bergen Kjøtt): Stephen Lunn
Producer (Bergen Kjøtt): Gunnbjørg Johannessen, Syv Mil
Co-produced by Bergen Kjøtt.

Further performances:
3 October 2020, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen (NO)
26 November 2021, Lydgalleriet, Bergen (NO)

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the absence of human activity caused nature to reassert itself in many places. Birdsong in Paris, wild goats in Wales, and clear waters in Venice were some of the phenomena that occurred when humans were shut indoors in the spring of 2020. This phenomenon – as well as the absence of consumption and pollution, the concepts of personal freedom versus responsibility for others, and the desire for intimacy at a distance – is at the heart of several miniatures for voice, percussion, and cassette tapes.

In the original sight-specific version at Bergen Kjøtt in September 2020, the concert performance was embedded in a scenography by Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg who was working with sheep wool, plastic, discarded metal objects, and wood. After months of distancing and exclusively digital cultural experiences, we were craving to be able to offer a physical, sensual artistic experience. The audience, an exclusive number of 10 people per performance, got to walk around the space and experience the acoustics of the space, and the smell and feel of wool, wood, and metal. The performers were also traveling through the space, creating an immersive artistic experience.

The concert version that was represented at Lydgalleriet in November 2021 is a more stripped-down version that focuses on the music and sound.