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Eva Pfitzenmaier

Bergen, Norway

Photo by Gunnbjørg Johannessen


Press photos:
Photo by Linn Heidi Stokkedal

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Eva Pfitzenmaier (*1982) works as a vocalist, performer, composer, and writer within a range of different projects and across artistic fields.

Video by David Alræk

Born and raised in the south of Germany, she studied voice and improvisation at the conservatory of Amsterdam (2002-2006) and is based in Bergen since 2008.

Her current works include commissions for different ensembles and musicians, collaborations with choreographers and visual artists, the production of her own performances, and the solo project By The Waterhole, with which she has toured in Europe, the USA, and Japan.

Eva’s music draws inspiration from contemporary, electronic, and popular music as well as traditional music from all around the world. In her work, she explores how different artistic expressions can be combined in order to create a holistic experience of art and tries to find those short moments of instability and vulnerability which reflect the human condition.

Eva is also regularly teaching composition for children and engaging in the local experimental music and theatre scene as initiator and organizer.

Full CV upon request.