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Malk Riebort & Eva Pfitzenmaier

Diam Est

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Maik Riebort – concept, artistic development, direction
Eva Pfitzenmaier – artistic development, music, performance, text
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde – drums, music
Thomas Bruvik – light design
Hjørdis Steinsvik – producer

Co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen & Tanzfabrik Berlin

Remember that lead singer that was famous for flailing his arms like a mad man? Or the one that relentlessly jumped up and down through the whole concert, or the singer that would move her head abruptly from one side to the other to the beat? We’ve all observed what music can do to the body and we all dance to our favourite song like there is no tomorrow.

A song can store an emotion that we will remember for the rest of our lives, a feeling that will come back immediately when you hear that one song again. And often that rhythm, those sounds, lyrics and the emotions this song represents will cause immediate reactions in our bodies. How does music have that power, and will the effect remain when we translate the music into movement, light and scenography? What happens when the singer stops singing and lets the body take over? When the light is the only rhythmical element left? Or when the scenography “sings” the lyrics?

In Song, two musicians deconstruct a famous song, dissecting its elements and rendering them into movement in order to rebuild and create a new song. The performance is neither a dance piece made to fit certain music, nor music made to fit a dance piece. It is music travelling through the body, and the body creating music. SONG is a hybrid between concert and dance performance and an unconventional exploration of the artistic potential of the two formats.

Premiere: May 3, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NO)
Further performances: May 4, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergne (NO), July 11 & 12, Open Spaces Festival, Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE)