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Eva Pfitzenmaier & GNEIS
30 November 2021,
at nyMusikk Bergen,
Gyldenpris Kunsthall,
Bergen (NO)

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 the  end     of        kings        (20’) is a piece for 6 female voices or more and tape written for the vocal ensemble GNEIS who have specialized in performing new music by composers from Norway’s west coast for the last 17 years.

video by Manuel Madsen

Music and text: Eva Pfitzenmaier
Kammerkoret GNEIS: Kristin Mestad, Ingvild Solberg, Irene Brendehaug, Tordis Marie Espeland, Marita Myhre, Trine Skeistrand Kjoberg
Conducter: Tore Kloster

The piece was originally written for 6 female voices but is very flexible regarding the number of performers and voice types. Please get in touch for more information and the score.

the end of kings is a call for rioting against patriarchal power structures that are still existing extensively in today’s society. The music uses elements like deconstruction and reconstruction of the text, propagandistic tools, performative elements, and sound overpowering other sounds.