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Eva Pfitzenmaier
solo performance

premiere: 21 April 2017,
BIT Teatergarasjen,
Bergen (NO)

ord/word/Wort & land/land/Land is a hybrid between concert, performance, and installation that deals with questions of language and identity within similar cultures. Eva Pfitzenmaier is originally from Germany and moved to Norway eight years prior to doing this project. She is an immigrant. But she’s not “that kind of immigrant”. Where do we draw the line between very different and only slightly different? 

video by Ben Speck – more extensive video documentation of the project upon request

Idea, music, text, video, performance & sound installation: Eva Pfitzenmaier
Sound: Thorolf Thuestad
Light design: Thomas Bruvik
Dramaturgy: Brogan Davison & Eva Pfitzenmaier
Scenography: Nora Adwan & Eva Pfitzenmaier
Producer: Hjørdis Steinsvik
Development coach: Marit Loe Bjørnstad
Outside ear: Stephan Meidell

Co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen Kjøtt, BEK.
Supported by

Technical details and booking

Ord, word, Wort, land, land Land. The words are (almost) identical. How exotic is a German person living in Norway? More exotic than Swedes but less exotic than the French? Eva's Norwegian friends find it exotic when she serves fresh artichokes for dinner. She, on the other hand, finds the Norwegian crab fishing to be exotic.

ord/word/Wort & land/land/Land is about seeing the humor in language barriers and the absurdities related to notions of identity among immigrants of similar cultural backgrounds. It is also about the universal search to find yourself amidst a vast amount of opportunities, peoples, cultures, countries and national costumes. Through music, text, and video Eva recounts her own experiences and observations from two societies, two countries, and three languages. How are they connected and how do they differ from each other? 

all photos by Ben Speck