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Karen Eide Bøen & Eva Pfitzenmaier
dance film
1o min

GLOW MOTION is a film that hides and shows.

Travelling from bodypart to bodypart it plays with the perception of the viewer.

Fragments of movements, marked by glimpses of are underlined by gripping music that carries and absorbs, supports and contradicts - rich in detail and unique in sound.

Eva Pfitzenmaier – concept, music, video editing
Karen Eide Bøen – choreography & dance

GLOW MOTION has been shown at Borealis festival for contemperary music, Bergen (NO), The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund (NO), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS), nyMusikk Bergen (NO), The International Festival for Videodance (URY), The International Dance Film Festival (BE), nyMusikk Nordland (NO).

The film explores the compatibility and incompatibility of something as organic as the human body with technical, electrical elements, something that is usually considered non-organic.
The pictures raise associations that range from fluorescent animals to robots. The music too mixes organic and acoustic sounds with elcetronical noises, creating friction and tension.