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7 March 2020,
Borealis festival,
Bergen (NO)

All We Own / And Now This (20’) is a piece for two percussionists (gran cassa), one vocalist, tape, and stuff.

It’s a piece about decluttering & recluttering, nostalgia, and the absurdity of consumerism and was written for YrrY Ensemble.

Written for and played by YrrY ensemble:
Owen Weaver – percussion & voice
Mari Galambos Grue – voice
Håkon Skjæret – percussion & voice
Video documentation by Manuel Madsen with kind support from the Norwegian Composers Fund.

All We Own / And Now This came to be during Eva’s participation in the mentoring programme “Borealis Ung Komponist” by the Borealis Festival in Bergen, where emerging composers get to write a piece for a set ensemble, guided by four different internationally known composers as mentors.

Eva says about the piece:

“A couple of years ago I did the so-called “30 day minimalism challenge”, a system for decluttering your house. On the first day you find one thing you don’t need, want, or use anymore and give or throw it away. On day 2 you find two things, on day 3 three things and so on. I finished the challenge and got rid of 465 items from my house and some more after that. Now my house feels just as full. Did I really acquire more than 465 things during the last two years?

How to take the urgent need for less stuff and more sustainability serious when the queen of tidying and minimalising herself, Marie Kondo, launches an online shop where you can buy her favourite things?

We pick, buy, throw, keep, get, hold on to what we don't need, we break it, we tape it, forget it, buy.... “